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During the summer months my kids would oftentimes complain that the weather is too hot. They would perspire and smell easily because of the temperature, so I would be left with getting them to take a bath much frequently than the usual. I would not want them to turn on the air conditioner since it would mean higher bills at the end of the month.
This was why my husband finally decided to get this solar attic fan we both saw on the internet so he can finally relieve the kids of their frequent complaints about the temperature these days. At least now we can save from further expenses on electrical consumption just so our kids can be comfortable while they are at home. Nothing beats being able to find ways on how to lessen expenses.


After I lost in one of our bets, I had to prepare a dinner for my best friend in my place, since he absolutely loves my cooking. We have been friends ever since we were toddlers, our mothers both best friends as well. Most of the people who know us would often say that we are likely to end up as a couple, but we treat each other like a brother or a sister.
I wanted to make sure that the dinner would be perfect just as I had promised, so aside from the food I went ahead and set up everything in the garden. I was able to have my solar garden lights delivered a few days ago and I wanted to make good use of it anyway, so this was the perfect opportunity. We had a great time last night, and


Given the increasing prices of basic commodities these days, not to mention the problems being experienced with petroleum and instability of some economies, we would need to find ways on how we can start saving and ensure our future. We never know what will happen, and it is best to take the time to save up for a rainy day. We would always need to be prepared for anything.
This is especially so if there are people who depend on us for everything. Trying to lessen the expenses such as finding ways on how to reduce electricity consumption can work a long way to ensure the stability of ones finances towards the unknown future. We should always be on the safe side and secure more savings particularly when we have families.


I dont like the lights or how few of them that the builder put in along the pathway from our front door to the street. The lights themselves are ugly, they suck down power, and there are only four along the whole path, and that includes one at each end. The spacing isnt even, either, and that really annoys me.
So I plan to install solar pathway lights myself, and disengage (and eventually remove) the existing ones. By doing this Ill save money on power, have better and more uniform lighting, and have the lighting I actually want instead of whatever the builder happened to have on hand in his workshop.


I never got to put up an American flag or even the flag for my state when I lived in an apartment. The restrictions on displaying such things were strict, and you could put up a flag no larger than 11 inches long in a window. While this may violate the US Flag Code, I dont think the federal government really cares about that sort of thing on that level.
But now I own my own home, and I have family in the military, and I would like to display the appropriate flags at the appropriate times. I have an all-weather flag (because to do without in Seattle is folly) and I am getting a solar flag pole light so I can fly the flag even at night, according to the flag code.


solar bollard lights

solar bollard lights

I have a fence at my new place. The fence goes from one side of the path to one corner of the house, and the other side of the path to the other corner, making a big half-circle in our front yard. The path itself has an arch, about as wide as a double door, connecting the two ends of the fence. And oh boy is it dark out there.
But theres no wiring out to the fence, and I dont really want to dig up the yard to lay it out there. The lanlordd never forgive is if we strung lights from the top of the arch to the house, so heres what we did: We got solar fence lights to go on the posts supporting the arch, and smaller ones on stakes to light the path up to the front door.


Being a small business owner in todays economy isnt easy. Every expense has always added up quickly, but with the added pressure of a more difficult marketplace to contend with makes even the matters of pennies and dimes important. One of the biggest ways for a shop to save money is cutting the costs of supplies and energy bills.
By using things like solar lights for parking lot entrances and around the lot for customers, and switching to using postage meters in place of stamps, will add up quicker than most business owners would think. By taking steps toward the smaller expenses, it will be easier to balance the books when the bigger investments come around.

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